Hookahville and Resonance

September started and finished with a bang at Gemini’s.  Hookahville made it’s return to the region after 2 and a half years as The Ville at Clay’s Resort near Canton, OH.  Former front man Ed McGee returned for some solo work and to do a guest set with Ekoostik Hookah.  A lot of excitement around this and the great weather made for another wonderful weekend at Frontier Ranch.  Kudos to Alchemy House Productions for giving a lot of thought and consideration to the vendors; we will certainly be a part of their shows in the future.


Photo Credit: Giant Photo Buttons

Resonance Music and Arts Festival is in it’s second year and has a really nice thing going.  From the event’s website, “The Law of Resonance provides the answers as to how the law of attraction operates and creates the conditions and circumstances in your life. A gathering of like minded, motivated, music loving people.”  Workshops, art installations and ceremonies both officially organized and spontaneous throughout the grounds sets this event apart from the average music festival.  Being back at a show at Legend Valley after many years brought back good memories and the bounty of great hugs and conversations nourished my soul and the Gemini’s vision.  Found a great new unique product as well; the acorn stash necklaces.  These are beautiful, functional and great idea that’s sure to be copied.  I put my Sacred Space essential oil blend in mine and have loved anointing people out of it; couldn’t ask for a cooler vessel for special essential oils.

Okavark Acorn Okavark Acorns_

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